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Disgruntled Yeti D&D Ornament

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This Disgruntled yeti D&D Ornament will surely be a hit to any tree! Not everyone creature has a delightful holiday, this Yet-i is stuck in a giant snowball, and ready to hang from your tree. And in true holiday spirit, he won't even try to eat any of your guests! Probably, anyway... It highlights how insanely cool Dungeons and Dragons is and always is the center of the Christmas party conversation. This is a perfect gift for that Dungeon master in your life who always takes it for the teams and runs the show. 

📦 Includes: 1 piece, with string or wire
❗️  FDM Miniature

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round!
Come hear the harrowing tale
of a terrifying yeti bent on a kill
and the brilliant children who dared outsmart him
with a great deal of luck and a tiny bit of skill.
‘Twas a day cold and dreary,
with fresh-fallen snow abound on the ground
and fires blazing in houses all around,
when the fearsome beast came stomping down the hill.
With claws the size of blades,
and fangs to put a basilisk’s to shame,
he was a terrifying sight for all the lads and maids
who had come out from their homes
for a taste of winter’s delight.
And all did flee this dreadful sight,
save a brave bunch
of two sturdy dwarven lads
And three cunning girls of man.
They alone of all the children
did not scurry from this awful vision.
Nor did they scamper,
or take off in a flight.
They stood their ground, this brazen lot.
And when the beast came for them,
as beasts are wont to do,
one courageous girl did greet him
while the other four, so bold, so fearless,
came upon the monster from behind,
and with a mighty shove,
Did throw him down the hill.
And as he rolled, tumbled, and fell,
The yeti let out a blood-curdling yell.
But our daring bunch did not fear,
and quick as a flash they scampered here and there.
Three went down to set the tangled beast upright,
one ran all the way home
to fetch a carrot from her mother as a loan,
and one ran and stole a hat
right off the head of a traveling aristocrat.
And what great fun the group did have,
shoving a carrot in his face
and a hat on his head.
And to this day, come every yuletide evening,
this story is still sung
to commemorate the day five small children humbled
a yeti most disgruntled.

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Ages 14+

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