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All US orders ship for $4.99!
All US orders ship for $4.99!
About GriffonCo Shoppe

About GriffonCo Shoppe

We are a home-ran business located in the northern part of Virginia. Although small, we are capable and able to provide excellent customer service and quality products. What started with a hobby has become a full-time business for our family to run and operate together.

We did not plan for this, but it happened this way.

While GriffonCo Gifts has been around since 2004, we launched GriffonCo Shoppe in 2018 with the idea we were going to recoup some of the hobby costs involved with playing D&D. Starting with one 3D Printed and a laser cutter, it quickly grew. We realized right away that not only were we having fun shipping out orders and interacting with our customers, but we were teaching our three kids valuable lessons about running a business.

Over the past few years we have increased our product listings and designs and have partnered with other reputable companies to bringing a wider variety to suit most needs.

We strive to provide excellent customer service while selling amazing and affordable quality items. We have now split our gifts and miniatures and now run four separate webstores along with doing in person shows in our local area.


We strive to provide quality products and every order is lasered, printed, and packed by us. We don't use 3rd parties and we ship every order.


We have a very quick turnaround for most of our products, including custom orders. Most of our orders ship within 5 days, and all of them ship within 14.


Between our 4 stores we have over 7,000 verified reviews. We love our customers and our reviews show what is important to us and our business.


We have had over 23,000 online sales since 2018. Our website is hosting by Shopify, and it is secure. We are reliable and legit, and you will get exactly what you order!


What was once a hobby, is now a full-time job --- for all of us.

We are constantly updating and adjusting our plan to grow and evolve our business into something that will continue to bring us the joy we have reading our many amazing reviews and interacting with our awesome customers. We have worked on encouraging our children to help as much as they want and to experience first hand how hard work pays off. What started in a small room in Reno, Nevada has now gone from a basement section in Lehi, Utah to a fully converted Garage and office in Stafford County, Virginia. We run close to 20 printers and 3 lasers all while Andy works his fulltime job (because he loves it!) and Katie homeschools their


What's next? Well, we are going to keep on going on...

At least until it doesn't make sense anymore. We have different ideas of what the future will look like based on what our customers want and what direction they take us. We won't lie, there has been times we ask ourselves if it is worth it when we are faced with a ridiculous customer or irritating shipping struggles. But it always comes back around with a new amazing review, grateful email, or social media shout out. We literally do this for our customers and those of you who have shopped with us know we take time and consideration into every single order.

We have many ideas and plans in the works, and we expect this next year to be a time of growth and establish strong connections with our returning customers.
We hope you enjoy what we provide for you, the customer, and continue to stay in touch with us to let us know what you are looking for and what your gifting and tabletop gaming needs are.

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