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GriffonCo is a home-ran business located in Northern Nevada. Although small, we are capable and able to provide excellent customer service for all of your tabletop gaming needs focusing on Dungeon & Dragons and other miniature tabletop games. What started with a hobby has become a full-time business for our family to run and operate together.

                        - Katie & Andy


We did not plan for this.

But it happened this way.

Fall of 2018, GriffonCo Shoppe was launched with the sole purpose of recouping some of the cost involved with our own personal hobby of playing (and painting) D&D terrain and miniatures. We started out with one 3D Printer and a laser cutter and it quickly grew. By December, we had many more printers more ideas that we had time for. We realized right away that not only were we having fun shipping out orders and interacting with our customers, but we were teaching our kids valuable lessons about running a business.

By the first of the year we decided to take our business to a new level. We increased our product listings by two-fold and signed deals with many new designers and companies to become partners in bringing their prints to the hands of people who either don’t have time or desire to 3D print terrain and miniatures for themselves. We worked hard on creating a branding and put a plan in place to not only grow our business but evolve it into something that will continue to bring us the enjoyment that we found. We have worked on encouraging our children to help as much as they want so that they can experience first hand how hard work pays off.

Growing the Business 

What was once a hobby, 

is now a full-time job --- for all of us.

This was never intended to be anything more than a hobby -- and now, it is a full-time job for our entire family. We started out with a couple printers and now we have an entire 300 square foot printing room that runs nearly non-stop. While the majority of our printers are FDM -- we also provide resin prints. We also have a laser cutter, which for some time sat idle as we trenched through the waters of starting a new business, was finally getting attention and new products and ideas were flowing.

We are also excited to be working with the Realms of Ukodor, an online streaming D&D crew who entertain fans twice a week. We will be working directly with these guys to help tell their story, for all the world to see. We haven't quiet found the time to get the laser products up and going but winter is coming, right?

Moving Forward

What does the future look like? 

We are going to keep on going on...

Our future depends on our customers. We will continue to take special requests and suggestions as we continue to grow. We very much value and appreciate any and all input that our customers offer us. As our partners (and new designers) continue to evolve the 3-D Print terrain options, we will continue to stay up to date and current with their offerings. We have a lot of ideas and plans in the works, and we expect our first year to be a time of growth and establishing strong connections with our returning customers. We hope you enjoy what we provide for you, the customer, and continue to stay in touch with us to let us know what you are looking for and what your tabletop gaming needs are.

















Ok, but who are you?

About Our Team

Katie & Andy 


We are just your typical geeks -- when we were young lads we spent a lot of time playing Everquest, WoW (beta!), and many other games along the way. As we grew older together we ventured out of our quiet life of being geeks to become parents. Best decision ever -- except for when an expansion to CIV comes out, then we question our life goals. Now days we fill our free time (what free time?!) with buying more board games than we have time to even unbox but we manage to usually get 1-2 marathon game days in with friends each month.

As a family we spend a lot of time learning, exploring and seeing the world. We have 12 states left to be seen and we are determine to camp as many nights as possible. Andy is a developer and when he's not making cool stuff for his full time job, he makes more cool stuff doing contract work. He still manages to find time to be a part of not one awesome D&D campaign, but two! Katie dabbles in everything, but she spends most of her time homeschooling our 3 kids, running the business, painting minis, planning the future and taking pictures. 


The people that actually

make it possible



Hailey is a spunky preteen who loves to obsess about dragons, warriors, and inappropriate horror games. She just joined scouts and wants to be a pilot in the Air Force. Fact: She can out read anyone she meets.



Matt is focused on scouts and on day becoming an Eagle Scout. He is a math genius and can process things quickly. He likes Overwatch, D&D,Pokemon and all things electronic and sure knows how to push buttons (not just mine!).



Emma is your typical tween who loves all things girl but is also obsessed with Stranger Things! She helps out the most, and loves to paint our misprints. Her favorite D&D Character of all time is Torq from The Realms of Ukodor!



Kayla is an amazing helper around here as she keeps prints going while we go get dirty in the forest, she keeps up with our social media (phenomenal content writer!) and often enjoys our day to day grunt work a little too much.