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Loot - Treasure and Gold Pile Set



This Treasure and Gold Pile Set may seem tempting but there's something not quite right... By golly, it's got teeth! As a general rule, adventurers try to stay away from things that have teeth bigger than theirs, but there is an awful lot of gold underneath that mimic and that other chest looks teeth-free, so maybe it's worth it? You don't need ten fingers when you can just pay someone else to do everything, after all.  This Loot - Treasure and Gold Pile set is sure to bring a new element to treasure hunting in your next campaign in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Warhammer, Pathfinder, and other role playing miniature games!

❗ These are printed on a FDM printer and are not resin miniatures.

📐 Scale is typical of 28mm-32mm miniatures but does vary based on the designer. Some models may run large. Please refer to the product photos for reference. Products are shown on a 1-inch grid with a standard 20 sided die or 28mm miniature.

📦 Includes: 4 pieces

📅 Processing / Print time on this item is typically 1-3 days from order placed. Please note, all orders are subject to a 7-14 day processing time.

🚚 All orders are shipped via United States Post Office. PLA has a melting point starting at around 120 degrees F -- please do not allow your shipped items to sit in the hot sun for long periods of time. If you need special shipping arrangements, please contact us directly.

🎨 Custom print colors, paint jobs and scale adjustments may be available. Contact us directly for quotes on custom requests. Paint jobs start at $10/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

🔨 Some of our products may require assembly. If you need instructions, please contact us and we can send you pictures. We recommend Gorilla Gel glue, or epoxy glue.

🔍 Our 3D Printed items are printed with PLA filament or a photopolymer resin. PLA is recommended for indoor use only. Items may require sanding and priming prior to painting or use. Small imperfections and print lines maybe seen. We do our best to provide you with an accurate expectation with highly detailed and realistic pictures. If you are unsatisfied with your print job, please contact us directly.

🛑 Items are not intended for children. These items are used for tabletop miniature wargaming.

❌ All items that are used for scale are not included in this purchase. Items may include die, minis, terrain, tiles and copies of the original item but show in a variation of color. If you are unsure of what you are receiving for the purchase price, please contact us prior to ordering.

📜 Source Models are copyright Fat Dragon Games, provided as an officially licensed seller. Please visit our Partners Page for links to all of our partners' library of designs. We are capable of printing nearly ALL of designs offered by Fat Dragon Games, please contact us for requests of any of their files and we would be happy to add the product for you!

Fine Print

3D Printed PLA items may have small imperfections and/or print lines. We strive to only send out the highest quality prints and we don't send it if it's not good enough. Many customers have found that after painting that these disappear and are often unnoticeable.

In some cases, we do not print a product at the highest "quality" possible. This reduces our print times and allows us to offer our products are such a great price. We very much try to show every detail of our products in our product images. We want you to know what to expect.

If you would like a print to be a higher quality, please contact us for a custom quote and we may be able to accommodate your request. The cost will depend on the product and what exactly you are looking for. Examples: We can print most any FDM miniature in high quality resin - or we can possibly increase the profile on the print job which would improve the quality - less print lines etc. 

Just like store bought commercial miniatures, 3D Printed items may require some cleanup. Strings and fuzzies are common as we ship prints straight from the printer to your house to help keep the costs of our items low.

  • You can snip of thicker strings with clippers or snippers (or they can often be flicked off with your finger!).
  • For thin fuzzies you can use a lighter being sure to not hold it over the plastic for more than a second! 
  • Like mass market miniatures you can use Green Stuff, Liquid Green Stuff, or Vallejo's Plastic Putty to fill in the gaps or seams.

GriffonCo is constantly striving to provide the best quality and options available. If an item is listed as "brown" you will get a brown color, but it may be lighter or darker than what is shown in the listing image. Our filament comes and goes out of stock and we are constantly experimenting with colors and brands to help cut the cost of the items down and to also provide better quality. 

*** We reserve the right to substitute both PLA FDM Print and Resin Print colors. In extreme cases, we may have to send something in a different color than what is shown in the product image.

Priming our products before painting is optional. Spray paint primer works great, but a simple base coat works well also. Any quality of acrylic paint works well with PLA and Resin Plastics. 

Some parts may appear to move. Not all parts will move. Moving parts vary from each piece and will be noted in the description or shown in the pictures if any parts are movable. Some examples of parts that may or may not move are wheels, doors etc.

All of our prints are printed original scale given to us by the designer, unless otherwise noted. This is typically done at a 28mm-30mm scale. If you would like an item to be printed larger or smaller, please contact us directly. Please use the photos for scale reference. We use a standard 20 sided die in all of our pictures to show reference scale, along with the 1 inch grid that the models are featured on.

PLA has a melting point starting at around 120 degrees F -- please do not allow your shipped items to sit in the hot sun for long periods of time. If you need special shipping arrangements, please contact us directly. We are not responsible for any damage to our products caused by high heat. We've heard not to leave this stuff in your car, but we have not seen anything melt so it's all your own risk!
Not suitable for long term outdoor usage or applications where the printed part is exposed to temperatures higher than 50 °C (122 °F). 

All items that are used for scale are not included in any purchase. Items may include die, minis, terrain, tiles and copies of the original item but show in a variation of color. Items do NOT come painted unless specifically purchased as "painted". If you are unsure of what you are receiving for the purchase price, please contact us prior to ordering.

Many of our customers don't care what color the print is because they intend to paint it. When you select "No Preference" for the color or style on our listing, we will ship you whatever we have in stock and ready to go. The item shipped for "no preference" will be only sent in the colors listed for that listing. 

Our items are represented and shown very well in our product photos. We strive to provide you an idea of exactly what you will receive. If for some reason the item doesn't look like the picture (color/shade obviously not included as they come in different shades) then please let us know as soon as you receive your item.

Our shipping times vary on our current order volumes. We typically ship orders within 1-3 days of when the order is placed. Some larger orders or specific color of PLA may take extra time. We guarantee that all items will ship within 14 days of the order being placed, if for any reason we are unable to meet that guarantee we will contact you directly. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please verify the shipping address and assure that it is being delivered to a secure location. Please don't worry, everything has a tracking number and although we've heard some funny stories of where the package ended up, none of our shipments have been lost in transit. 

Sometimes items like to jump from one box to another. This doesn't happen very often but we've had a couple slip ups. Don't worry, just reach out to us and let us know.

GriffonCo does not accept returns of any product. Please make sure that it's what you want and the scale is appropriate for whatever you are using it for. All products are checked for quality and are packed to assure safe travels. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us directly. 

If the item is found to be damaged or unusable due to our process, we will either ship you a replacement or approve for a refund, or partial refund of the item in question. In this situation your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be credited to your original method of payment, within 30 day. You may request credit to our store instead of a monetary refund. 

GriffonCo may replace a product that does not arrive in the condition in which it was sent. Our replacement policy only lasts 3 days from the date your order has been delivered. If 3 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer you a replacement. We do require images of the product and packaging in order to review any replacement requests. The replacement must have a visual defect or issue that directly affects the items usability. Contact us directly for more information. 
If the item needs to be shipped back, buyer is responsible for shipping. 

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

The time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item and recommend you purchase insurance or tracking.

Clearance items or "crit happens" bags will not be replaced or exchanged under any circumstances.You purchase these items knowing full well that they will have defects.

We do offer gift wrapping and are really awesome about cool ideas or thoughts you have regarding gifts for people who are important to you (not for those who aren't because why would you buy something for someone who is not important to you?) If you have a special request or a complicated thought, reach out to us -- chances are we can help you out.


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Sweet treasure room items for game night.


Etsy Review! [From GriffonCoShoppe]