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All US orders ship for $4.99!
All US orders ship for $4.99!

DragonLock - Dungeon - Wall Corner

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This dnd tile: DragonLock - Dungeon - Wall Corner is 3D Printed to order for tabletop wargaming terrain games. The modular wargame tile system connects with small plastic "dungeon clips". Make your next campaign come to life with these easy to paint wargaming tiles.

Genre: Fantasy
Theme: Dungeon

Material: PLA
Color: Gray

Fat Dragon Games Source models are copyright Fat Dragon Games, provided as an officially licensed seller. You are purchasing a physical print of this model. Visit Fat Dragon Games to buy the file or to see the prints we are licensed to print. Contact us for models not listed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Chad Yach (Gatineau, QC, CA)
Welcome to the Tomb of Horrors!

Got this piece this week from Griffon Co.... yet again amazing printed products for the game table. Returning customer for sure again in the near future. Love this Demon Face Dungeon wall piece and works amazingly with my Dwarven Forge (floor was a little thinner but all matches up to play together no issues!)
Thank you again!

Besh, Dennis (Homestead, PA, US)
Another great addition!

What a nice piece...
Couldn’t be happier with the quality!!!

Demon face/tomb of horrors

I could not be happier with this piece. I've already painted it and ready to annihilate some pcs.

A True Classic!

This is a great tile! It's the classic "Demon's Head" from the original TSR module S1 "Tomb of Horrors" by Gary Gygax. The face in the module is green, but I decided to go with a classic red devil's face. The tile paints up great and looks fantastic. I use Wizkid's Warlock tile system, and this tile works great with it. Warlock tile sets include some adaptor clips for DragonLock tiles, which makes it easy to incorporate this tile into a dungeon build. The tile wall does set forward a bit when used with Warlock tiles, but you can easily add a rear wall such as I've done in the photos (three pics). A really fun tile with great detail! Don't pass this one up!

Michael T

Very well-made tomb of horror devil heads

Jeremy Miskell
Dragon Lock Dungeon Floor Tile

Great Experience with the seller. Very responsive to inquiries and provided a high quality product! These tiles will really enhance the players experience in my games.


The item was very well made and I love the little detail the seller gave me. 10/10

Nathan C

Good Quality, fast shipping and item was packed well and arrived as described.

Nathan C

Good Quality, fast shipping and item was packed well and arrived as described.

Nathan C

Good Quality, fast shipping and item was packed well and arrived as described.

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