Talon Marks Loyalty Program

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Talon Marks is our loyalty program that enables you to earn points as you build your collection of 3D Printed Terrain and Miniatures from our store at GriffonCo.

We've made it super simple and easy to follow. You basically earn free stuff and discounts but just placing orders, helping getting the word out and leaving feedback.


Earn Talon Marks to use and spend on discounts, coupons, & free items.

What You Do

Sign Up for Talon Marks
Place 1st Order
Share on Facebook
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Leave a Review
Follow on Instagram
Place an order
Another Birthday!

What You Earn

50 Points
2 Marks for every $1 spent
25 Marks
25 Marks
10 Marks
25 Marks
1 Mark for every $1 spent
100 Marks


Share with your friends, when they place an order they will receive a discount and so will you.

What You Do

Send Your Friend a 20% off coupon for their first order.

What You Get

If they order, you receive $5 off your next order! 


As you order from our website, we keep track unlocking special VIP tiers that will provide you discounts, coupons, & free stuff!

  • Spend $100 : 10% off all future orders, 15% off coupon, Free Crit Happens Sticker, Free Clod Casualties
  • Spend $200 : 15% off all future orders, 20% off coupon, Free 20 Sided Sticker, Free Cannons
  • Spend $300 : 20% off all future orders, 25% off coupon, Free Dead Villagers, Free Sundial
  • Spend $500 : 20% off all future orders, 30% off coupon, Free Large Eyebeast, Free gift with all orders of $20, Priority Order Filling!
  • Spend $1000 : 20% off all future orders, 35% off coupon, Free Mind Horror, Free gift with all orders of $10, Priority Order Filling!