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ALL ORDERS MAY BE DELAYED May 29th - June 10th
ALL ORDERS MAY BE DELAYED May 29th - June 10th


GriffonCo Customer Reviews shows our focus on customer service and quality for 28mm Miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k and other Tabletop Games. We strive to provide excellent customer service for all of our products and services. If you find yourself unhappy please contact us directly and give us a chance to make things right. 
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Damaged Docks with Wrecked Boat DungeonSticks
Ralph Roseborough (Junction City, US)

Perfect fit to my board. Scale was right, very realistic

Miniature Blind Box
Blind Box and Baby Owlbear

Bought the 5 Miniature Blind Box for $10 then added the Baby Owlbear from my wishlis a spontaneous purchase when offered at a discount at checkout. Very satisfied with all of the figures and was actually sent 6 plus the Owlbear. All were medieval fantasy and will be useful on the table. Viking with Axe, Human with Crossbow, Baby Owlbear, Ratling, Cultist or Ghost with Chains, Goblin with Sword, and Overflowing Chest. This will be my first experience with resin printed miniatures and I am impressed with the detail
Can't wait to paint them.

Totem Poles
Dan Harrick (Binghamton, US)
Medieval banners

fit well with 54mm and larger scales... shown with 54mm semirounds. (tents and figures) and 60mm larger knights

Miniature Banners
Dan Harrick (Binghamton, US)
two totems

great well with 54mm and larger figures also..shown with Tlingit shaman 60mm

Female Halfling Fighters
Mirza Dhewanto (Berkeley, US)
Great design and detail

Looking for miniatures of halfling warriors, female ones at that, isn't too easy, so I was very happy when I found these online. I know these miniatures were probably made to be NPCs, but they looked almost exactly like how I imagined my character.
The miniatures came to me safe and sound in the mail. I took one to be my PC and saved the rest for whenever I need additional halflings. After I painted her, it's like she jumped straight out my noggin. I'm looking forward to the adventures I'll be having with her.

Godzilla Insulated Beverage Holder
Matthew Walls (Sacramento, US)

I almost never leave review but these are so cool! I remember having soda sleeves, can holders, and what not, as a kid. I ordered some from GriffinCo. The price was low but the quality was of the charts. These do exactly what you need them to do: keep your hands from getting cold from a cold soda and keep the drink cold longer. It can be a bit tough to get the soda out of the can holder, but what you do is just push the sleeves up with your thumbs from the bottom and that gets it out. My wife and I love these and will probably get some more for presents this year

Row Boat
Michael Colton (Laurel, US)
Row Boat

Excellent miniature! Fits my player's Living Ship perfectly!

Welcome to the Tomb of Horrors!

Got this piece this week from Griffon Co.... yet again amazing printed products for the game table. Returning customer for sure again in the near future. Love this Demon Face Dungeon wall piece and works amazingly with my Dwarven Forge (floor was a little thinner but all matches up to play together no issues!)
Thank you again!

Stone Stairs
Karen Powell (Salt Lake City, US)
Stairs and Stages

Love the small stage and stairs. Griffonco has all the unusual little bits I need for my terrain game.

Forest Troll
Matthew Kirkhart (Cockeysville, US)
“So you want to cross my bridge, do you?”

This troll miniature is perfect for a fairy tale or high fantasy game. Put him under a bridge and you’ve got a great trope! I used Contrast paints to paint him. This combined with the smooth but high relief sculpting that this miniature has resulted in a very nice table standard result. So easy and an absolute joy to paint.

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Light Up - Pedestal Statue
Glenn Moyer (Philadelphia, US)

I've bought two of these now, the first one I converted into a shrine to Tiamat using a very old miniature as a statue on top, this one I decided to use as the Forge of Spells from The Lost Mines of Phandelver...I substituted the regular tea light to a green flame one to make it more like the description of the forge.

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Wood Notice Board Post
Glenn Moyer (Philadelphia, US)
Love the design

I like this design rather than the traditional message board look, the thick pillar leaves it open to possibilities that perhaps at one time this post was used for less friendly purposes than just posting notices. It could also have once been a support post for a ruined house.

Nothic Monster Resin Miniature
Frank Byrns (Laurel, US)
Great figure

Perfect for Lost Mines of Phandelver

Light up - Dwarven Warrior Statue
Alexandria (Greenacres, US)
Ambiance worth the price

Very little prep went into making this a great part of our campaign. Even when not "on the map" they provide extra flair flanking the DM screen. GriffonCO has excellent customer service and made sure my order was delivered quickly and correctly. THANK YOU!!!

Village Telescope
Lawrence Clayton (Stone Ridge, US)
...but what will he see through it?

Awesome little piece, looks fantastic! Kind of steampunk. Lots of funky little details.

Skiff Boat
Chad Yach (Gatineau, CA)
Amazing boat that holds at least 5

I love this boat that I picked up , it holds around 5 med. minis and the sail and can be pulled out if battle arises!
Great grains on the sculpt once painted really makes it stand out!

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Bed Sets
Wally DM (Chicago, US)
Mr. & Mrs. Claus Bedroom Suite! These were perfect!

In my 2021 Christmas D&D Puzzle video I used this bedroom suite for Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Matches the wallpaper and everything! PERFECT! GriffonCo is my go-to source for terrain for my YouTube videos. As always, please forgive me for my lack of painting skills. YouTube video placeholder
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Piano Miniature Furniture
Wally DM (Chicago, US)
PERFECT for my YouTube Puzzle Video! Piano to be played by Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus

I needed a Piano for my Mr. & Mrs. Claus D&D Puzzle video and this was PERFECT! GriffonCo is my go-to source for terrain for my YouTube videos. As always, please forgive me for my lack of painting skills. YouTube video placeholder
Dwarven Tavern Large Brewing System
Garred Whalen (Brooklyn, US)

I got two of these (four pieces all together) and they are great. The stairs are a separate piece, and the three barrels are joined together at the base in an asynchronous configuration which looks really good.

Tavern Cask Keg
Garred Whalen (Brooklyn, US)

Great texture, with very pronounced features that allow for dry brushing (and helps distinguish between 3d printed texture and model texture). The wood comes printed brown and the spout comes gray. I re-primed and repainted mine. A little glossy glaze around the spout makes it look like its been used recently. I would recommend.

Tiered Miniature Staircase
Garred Whalen (Brooklyn, US)
Perfect Scale and Texture

Lovely, well designed piece. It comes printed in brown, but I repainted mine like some kind of maniac.

It takes dry brushing very well due to pronounced texture.

Dwarven Bath
Garred Whalen (Brooklyn, US)
Not Just a Bath!

I painted mine up to be a Dwarvern steam-punk bunker (AoS Kharadron Overlords), and it worked just fine. Lots of lateral printing lines, which added texture. That made washes and dry brushing work less well, unfortunately. Its vey obvious on all the pipes, but flat surfaces lessens their impact, and wood features are a little enhanced by it.

Dwarven Rune Forge
Garred Whalen (Brooklyn, US)
Good Design - Lots of Lateral Printing Texture

Good design. I'm new to 3d printing, so I should not be surprised that there is a lot of lateral lines that create texture (as the 3d printer adds layer after layer). I painted it, and it is worth noting that it did not take washes or dry brushing very well as a result (though I did end up doing some dry brushing that added to the texture feel rather than to use as highlights, like how it would normally work). I also free-handed some brick patterns as an experiment - with mixed results.

Tombstone Mimic Miniatures
Chad Yach (Ottawa, CA)
Love my Mimics!

Got some great mimics and minis today. Love them and they were easy and great to paint. Yet again great service and great price.

Willowisp Set
Nicholas Oldham (Knoxville, US)
Very Affordable and Great Detail

For whatever reason, Will o' Wisp models are way overpriced on Etsy and other places I've seen. This was one of the cheapest options I've come across and also has excellent detail. For being as simple as they were, I quite enjoyed painting them.