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Gnomish Submarine
Mouse (Reno, US)
A Sailor, a Sahuagin, and a Kraken Walk Into A Bar

Never know when you’re gonna fight a Kraken and need a little help. I finally was able to bring this into my Ghosts of Saltmarsh game and it wowed the whole group! What an awesome, crazy contraption to have for game day!
It requires a bit of glue to put together, and painting it is optional, but I opted to go with gold so it stands out.

My version of a dancing Tabaxi

Although I have bought a lot of printed miniatures from Griffonco.com, I am a slow painter. The Dancing Tabaxi was so cute when I finished that I bought another one to paint for my daughter.

Kitty Heart Catfolk
Helen Varner
Adorable catfolk

I really like anthropomorphic miniatures and bought both the Catfolk Guide and the Kitty Heart Catfolk. Griffonco is a great company and I will buy more from them. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys collecting and painting these tiny critters.

Clod Warriors
Mike Santoscoy (Arnold, US)
Mighty Warriors!

Love these guys! They paint up really easy and they are hilarious! Great price for a bunch. I'm waiting on my clod dirtles as I write this. Great Etsy sellers!

80’ TV D&D nostalgia

Who wouldn’t want the Dungeon Master to be able to make an appearance at the table to make a decision or urge the adventurers on.

Skull Pillars
DWM (Pekin, US)
Decorative pillars to add a touch of sinister.

Big enough to show detail but not to dominate an encounter area. Excellent to add some dark decor to a sinister encounter.

Spiritual Hammer Resin Miniature
Tyler Trepod (Denver, US)
Spiritual hammer is a table favorite

Love the mini - it was exactly what I was looking for to replace using my d4 all the time, 5/5 quality and service

Loot - Shipment Assortments
Tyler Trepod (Denver, US)
Love my dice tower

Spent a little time painting and adding scenery elements to this print and it gets so many compliments! I love the addition of the light to add a little story element to the piece as well. 5/5 quality would order from again.

Dead Villagers
Thomas (West Des Moines, US)
Was exactly what I wanted.

They were exactly what I wanted, they painted up rather nice.

Dwarf Klaus the Barrel Resin Miniature
Thomas Reed (Rockwall, US)
Twice as Nice

I have bought this guy twice as he is a well sculpted and fun mini. I did a commission on one and the buyer loved it.

Dead NPCs
Thomas Reed (Rockwall, US)
Dead NPC You Get what you pay for

I have bought a couple of other items from Griffon Co. (A repeat customer) and I had no problem with my other items, in fact they were great, but these dead NPCs had horrible print lines. That being said they are a dollar a piece and technically scatter for the game, so they haven't turned me off Griffon Co., but you get what you pay for.

Thomas! These are AWFUL and should NOT have been shipped to you! Even our cheap scatter should make you smile! I wish you had reached out to us, we for certain miss bad prints but we will always fix it! Watch your mailbox...

Light Up - Demon Statue
DWM (Pekin, US)
Large terrain piece inspired by 1st Edition players handbook.

This piece is definitely inspired by the cover art from the 1st edition players handbook. It is a larger terrain piece with room for two tea lights - one in the fire bowl and the other inside to let light come through the mouth. Solid build.

Merchant Wagon
Ralph Roseborough (Wiesbaden, DE)
Very impressed

I love this covered wagon. It took some time to paint, lots of detail. I'm very happy with it.

Town Quest Board
Ralph Roseborough (Wiesbaden, DE)
Quest board

Every town needs one. This is perfect for my games and will get lots of use.

Village Street Market
Ralph Roseborough (Wiesbaden, DE)
Market stand

I like how it came with extra pieces to change out. More versatile

Village Kegs and Keg Stand
Ralph Roseborough (Wiesbaden, DE)

I love them, they look realistic. Fun to paint

Tool of Opening Bottle Opener
Ron S (Lansing, US)
Tool of opening

Super impressed with my purchase..is actually bigger than I expected. Can't wait to bust it out at our campaign session.

Merchant Wagon
Besh, Dennis (Homestead, US)
Merchant Wagon

Fantastic sculpt… A great all purpose merchant wagon A+

Milk Maid
Helen Varner (Austin, US)
I LOVE Griffonco.com

My orders always arrive quickly and they are correct in scale and item purchased. I can't say that for other printed miniatures shops, either. I have placed several orders and each one was well done. Thanks!

Dead NPCs
Ralph Roseborough (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Dead NPCs are part of the game

Thank you for making them, I find it strange that all these years of DnD and I have never seen dead characters before. I loved painting them and will get plenty of use.

Tree Stumps
John Salatellis (Laval, CA)
Tree stumps

Excellent terrain tree stumps! They fit flawlessly with my 54mm dioramas.

Fantastic set for an evil cult hideout!

These pieces are incredibly detailed! I had a great time painting them. I also purchased the evil Cultists and they go great with this set. Everything an evil cult trying to overthrow your kingdom would need is right here, at a great price! ;-)

Goblin Merchant Resin Miniature
Frank Byrns (Jessup, US)
Not with that mustache

I wouldn’t buy a thing from a goblin with a mustache - great figure!

Skeleton Miniatures - Set 1
Scott M (Mt. Pleasant, US)
Great skeleton characters

This pack gives 4 skeleton minis. What is nice is that they don’t all look the same so it is easy to differentiate between them on the table. Great detail and quality print.

Frog Priest

A very detailed miniature that will help / harm the party on their adventures.

Will need to be glued to the base as it will topple over.