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Demon face/tomb of horrors

I could not be happier with this piece. I've already painted it and ready to annihilate some pcs.

Greatly satisfied!

Love this set, can't wait to show it in my campaign! Thank you!

Nefarious Energy Generators

Additions to my wizard labs.

What's That in the Sky?

Nice addition for my mage or sages lab.

Great Little Fireplace!

I really like this little fireplace. Looks great with the Owlbear rug! ;-) Takes paint well, and great detail!

What a cool idea!

Awesome idea! Griffon Co. comes up with some really neat prints. This owlbear rug is spectacular. Takes paint really well, and the attention to detail is amazing! I had to get one for my inn setup. Goes well with the mini fireplace they offer too! I've included a few photos to show off the paint job... ;-) Thanks Griffon Co!

A True Classic!

This is a great tile! It's the classic "Demon's Head" from the original TSR module S1 "Tomb of Horrors" by Gary Gygax. The face in the module is green, but I decided to go with a classic red devil's face. The tile paints up great and looks fantastic. I use Wizkid's Warlock tile system, and this tile works great with it. Warlock tile sets include some adaptor clips for DragonLock tiles, which makes it easy to incorporate this tile into a dungeon build. The tile wall does set forward a bit when used with Warlock tiles, but you can easily add a rear wall such as I've done in the photos (three pics). A really fun tile with great detail! Don't pass this one up!

Infernal Pumps are Primed

I purchased several pieces including the pipe set. My son wants to try to DM an adventure that includes an evil laboratory and these items will fit very nicely!

So happy!

The figures came so fast and my son is delighted!

Mine Carts

I picked up three orders of mine carts (6 carts) for a Frostgrave senario. The design is nice; neither boring, nor overly ornate. They are printer-made at a nice resolution. The Z-banding, or horizontal lines are minimal and probably not an issue for most people buying these. I tooks some tiny files to the bottom (where no one sees) and the inside of the empty carts, but I'm a stickler. The empty carts are not big enough to set a 28 or 32mm miniature into, but the size is closer to realistic, which is my preferance. These were exactly what I was hoping for. I'm very happy with them.


Great mini! Excellent print. Fast shipping. Highly recommend.

Dwarves love their ale! Hobur will be quite at home in my dwarf pub.


This little guy is great. Finally I won’t knock over my wash . Couldn’t wait to paint it up even though it’ll probably get covered in paint 😂

Drink up!

I purchased two of these sets. Love the way they turned out. The fermentation vat being open let me add a nice touch.

It's the small details that bring a tavern to life.

Love this! I have lots of dwarves but the funny ones from Griffonco.com really add a special touch to my dioramas.

Easy to work with

Nice Sculpt and easy to sand out the print lines. Takes just a little custom work to create a Death Tyrant

Becareful what you feed it.

I really love painting Christmas themed miniatures each year. Its even better when it comes with an ornament loop for hanging in the tree. This one has a lot of personality and is fun to hide along the traditional ornaments. Details come out well in the sculpt and it was really fun to paint and put up.

Becareful what you feed it.


Perfect addition to the tree

We buy a few miniature based ornaments each year. For the last two years we have bought from Griffon co and painted them over the new years break. This was a really good model easily fit a set of polyhedral die. Smooth lines and fun paint.

super cute vinyl sticker! bigger than i ex...

super cute vinyl sticker! bigger than i expected and it came with an extra!

Great little mine carts perfect for our gn...

Great little mine carts perfect for our gnome-themed Christmas Pyramid we are building! Review photo shows them after we painted them...the 'full' ones got gold paint, the 'empty' ones will be loaded with little crystals. Thanks GriffonCoShoppe!!

These little miners are great

These little guys are really detailed for being minis, and getting 3 for this price is a great deal. I'm very happy with them.

I love him so much! He was supposed to be...

I love him so much! He was supposed to be a gift but I can’t bear to part with him.

My husband is very hard to surprise with C...

My husband is very hard to surprise with Christmas presents, but he lit up when he opened this. The black & gold colors look gorgeous on our tree. Super high quality and fast shipping. Thanks so much for the free sticker too - he loved it!