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So many makers and creators are coming together right now to help our local healthcare and medical works treat patients in the safest manner they are able to in this dire situation.

While there are several different efforts going on, GriffonCo is focusing their attention directly on 3D printing face shields to meet the local demand. We have enlisted the community to help in any way possible.

To learn about the efforts we are doing please check out this blog post or the article posted in the RGJ. 

Below you will find out more information and how to help!


There are so many versions of face shields on the internet right now. We understand that some are "safer" and that some are "better" but that is not our goal at this time and we have no intentions on switching to another model at this time. We are ONLY delivering this version to our contacts and requests.

We did a lot of research on materials and availability before taking examples down to the two hospitals we are helping to verify that these will be accepted and will work. We printed a ton of different files and decided this is the best bang for our buck.

This version:
•  Prints fast -- less than one our per visor.
•  It requires no foam or elastic, a plus for sanitizing and keeping it clean.
•  It can be reused in dire situations because it can be cleaned easier.
•  The plastic sheet is readily available.
•  The plastic sheet can be replaced if needed.
•  It is easily assembled by the recipient.
•  It can be produced at a much larger scale. 

We have people printing in both PLA and PETG so it is really whatever your preference is. 

Please Note: We are not interested in another version at this time. This is what is best suited for our needs and abilities as a collective effort.

You can download the STL files here.

There is a single version and a 2 piece version for those with smaller beds.

Printing instructions available here
You can find the original source here


Once you have completed 20-30 visor pieces we have a process that we are asking everyone follow.

Please do the following:
•   Place visor pieces in a gallon bag.
•   Label the bag with your name/organization, phone number if we are not already in contact, the material used (PLA/PETG) and quantity in the bag.
•   Practice safe distancing and please use gloves and/or sanitizer before and after touching the bin.   

There is a tuff box on porch at 171 Moran Street (near the discovery museum / innevation center). It is behind the trees you see in the left photo. If you are unable to drop it in the bin, please email for pickup arrangements. We will only pick up in batches of 30 or more.


We have spoken to administrators and doctors and they all agree that it is the best practice to assume anything they receive from us needs to be cleaned and sanitized so at this time we do not need any extra steps in processing before you drop them in the bin. 

For your safety, we ask that you are extra careful and are following safe practices during this time.


We take your parts and pair them with a punched visor sheet (Thanks Reno Type!) before arranging delivery times with local facilities. We use great caution in handling these materials.

Requests can be made through this FORM

Note: There is no cost to healthcare workers and facilities, we are running completely on donation.

We are currently donating to NNMC, the VA, multiple doctor offices, home health and more!


We are currently NOT interested in a GOFUNDME. We have received a lot of donations from our customers across the country and now here locally we have been receiving funds. Any remaining money raised will go directly toward a local charity.

We have two ways people can donate:

•  $10 sticker pack with 100% proceeds going to the effort.
•  Direct paypal donation to

We are currently providing PLA filament to anyone who is actively printing AND delivering visors to our cause. We plan to reimburse for any parts or filament used in helping with our efforts based on the funds we receive from donations.


We want to be sure that everyone and anyone hears how important and valued you and your time is. We appreciate each and every person who is helping us with this cause. We have talked to so many healthcare professionals administrators and we know this is not ideal, we know this is not perfect but we know they need us and they need us right now. The last we heard it is a 4 week back order for ALL face shields in this country.

We are constantly on the move and juggling this process from all aspects. Please know that we are not ignoring anyone if you don't hear back, we are just extremely busy.

Stay safe, and stay sane.
Katie & Andy