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DungeonSticks --- A Whole New Setup - GriffonCo 3D Printed Miniatures & Gifts

DungeonSticks --- A Whole New Setup

Let's be real here, there are so many different D&D "dungeon" systems. Our
variety is off the charts and it grows every week. Recently, Hero's Hoard / EC3D released a new Kickstarter called the Skyless Realms (see it here). With this kickstarter a brand new system was born: DungeonSticks. 

Now here's the thing, I don't even PLAY Dungeons & Dragons. I paint things for my husband and children to play, but me it's just something I don't do. My husband has been printing 3D tiles for quiet awhile now and although they absolutely have there place on the table -- they don't transport easily so when hubby is heading out to play a game elsewhere he is often boggled down with several containers of "pieces and parts". That's where DungeonSticks prevail. 


These little simple sticks are very versatile and easy to transport. They don't take up a ton of room and what some of our customers have said is that they love that the grid can be seen underneath, which is great for people who use a dry erase mat. 

Right now there 7 varieties of DungeonSticks and I am sure there will be more to follow. Although we only are selling sets at the moment, if you need spare parts contact us and we can help you for you next crawl!

Check out this video from Hero's Hoard / EC3D and then head over and see our collection of DungeonSticks!


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