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GriffonCo is Blowing it up!

We started our Etsy shop right after Halloween, and quiet honestly we had no expectations of it doing a whole lot. We wanted it to be something fun and fulfilling but in no way did we expect that in a months time it would blow up to be this nearly full time adventure that we both love! We sold so many Eyebeast Ornaments that I had to admit to Andy he had a great idea with that. We came up with so many new ideas for next Christmas that we can't wait until the fall!

So as we have surpassed the Christmas time rush, we are now realizing that it is not slowing down anytime soon and although we have now had our laser cutter set up and ready to go for over a month our time is still limited and we need to prepare for the new year and the prospect of what our little shop has and will have to offer!

By offering a separate website we are able to offer more products at a lower price and we are able to venture into selling 3D printed dungeons and other fun and exciting new things that you will get to look forward to hearing about in 2019!

Here is to the New Year and to New Adventures!

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Great, you get three so try some different colors

Great terrain piece, the right one is kinda boring though, sometimes boring is good tho

These are the best scatter terrain pieces I have in my collection. Will definitely order more

They look great and are decently easy to paint in the crevaces but could use a tad bit more detail